Dog Nutrition and Care Articles


Hot Spot Help

Hot spots are lesions that are itchy and painful,

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In case of emergency: CPR for Dogs

Emergencies can happen with any pet, young or old. And while we hope you never have to administer CPR to your pet, knowing what to do in an emergency situation could have lifesaving results.

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Understanding Your Pet’s Body

Here are some examples that might help you understand nutritionally what is going on in your pets body and why.

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15-2921 - February Article Banner Dental Cat

How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Starting a dental care routine doesn’t have to be hard.

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16-3204 - November Article Banner AlternateFood

Alternative Foods

Did you know that there are pet food options outside of wet canned foods, kibble or baked foods?

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16-3018 May Banner Puppy

Puppy Wish List

Thinking about adopting a bundle of puppy joy? Or recently adopted a puppy and feeling overwhelmed by the shopping choices? […]

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16-2963 - April Article#395

Advantages of Grain Free

By Dr. Dave Summers, Ph.D. The variety of grain free foods for pets continues to grow, adding to what is […]

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15-2921 - February Article Banner Dental 101

Dental Health 101

Do you find that your dog’s breath can knock out an entire room of people? Or does your dog’s smelly […]

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15-2921 - February Article Banner Dental Dog

How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

As a pet parent you are passionate about maintaining your pet’s best health, but proper dental care can often be […]

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