Self Serve Dog Wash

Our self-serve dog washes are unique stations where you’ll find everything you need to get your pet clean and smelling great. We provide everything you need: shampoo, apron, towel, and even a professional high-velocity dryer. All washing stations are elevated to ensure that you can wash your pet at a comfortable height, and there are easy-access steps so your pet can walk right into the tub. No more back strain or knee pain from washing your dog in your own bath tub. No freezing-cold water from the backyard hose. Best of all our Pet Experts clean up the mess!

Dog Wash Amenities Include:

Towel Service

Shampoo Included

Elevated tubs with easy access steps

Professional high-velocity dryers

Aprons to keep you dry

A treat for good behaviour

Only $10*
plus tax per dog wash

Plus! Earn a Free Dog Wash!

Your Rewards Card

Sign up in-store for the Your Rewards card and take advantage of our Frequent Wash Program.

Buy 6 washes and get the 7th wash free!

See a Pet Expert for details**.

Watch Our Self-Serve Dog Wash***

10 Steps to a Perfect Dog Wash Experience***

  1. Escort your dog into the tub.
  2. Attach the tub restraints to your dog for safety.
  3. Turn on the water and rinse your dog.
  4. Soap up your pooch!
  5. Rinse until no suds are visible.
  6. Turn the water off.
  7. Use a complimentary towel to dry your dog.
  8. Use the dryer to finish drying your dog.
  9. Brush out any knots from fur.
  10. Give your dog a treat for good behaviour!

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