Green Iguana 101

Quick Facts
LIFESPAN: Approximately 15-20 years
SIZE: Up to 60” (152 cm) long

Socialization & General Care

  • Green iguanas are generally docile and inquisitive and can be easily handled once socialized.
  • Be certain to scoop them up from under the body and support their body in your hands.
  • Allow your green iguana 3-4 days to adjust to his new habitat before handling.
  • Green iguanas will shed their skin in patches or sections. The first sign of shedding is usually dulling of the skin (milky coloured).
  • Reptiles may transmit disease to humans; make certain to wash your hands after cleaning your pet’s habitat or after handling.

Green iguanas are known as the little dinosaurs.


  • Green iguanas are herbivores, meaning that their diet consists of vegetation.
  • Green iguanas require a variety of vegetables daily. Acceptable choices are dark leafy greens, broccoli, zucchini, green beans, sprouts, sweet bell peppers and grated carrots.
  • Vegetables high in oxalates, such as spinach, should be avoided.
  • Vegetables should be dusted with a calcium and vitamin D supplement.
  • Fruits can be offered sparingly (10-15% of diet). Acceptable choices are papaya, mango, blackberries, figs and banana.
  • Treats such as chopped pasta and rice can be added to the top of their food occasionally.
  • Never feed your green iguana anything that cannot fit into its mouth all at once.
  • To avoid accidental ingestion of substrate, food should be offered in a shallow bowl.
  • Fresh water should be available at all times, and food and water dishes should be cleaned daily.

Health Issues to Watch For

  • Swollen joints and limbs
  • Eating or drinking less
  • Runny, discoloured or pungent stool
  • Weight loss
  • Gasping or forced breathing
  • Discharge from nose, eyes or mouth
  • Discoloured skin
  • Shedding difficulties
  • Seek veterinary care if you notice any of the above signs.

Fun Green Iguana Facts

  • The green iguana can grow in excess of 5 feet (60”) long from head to tail.
  • The green iguana is from the Iguanidae family.
  • Green iguanas can be found in southern Mexico, Central America and South America.

Light Up Your Reptile’s Life

Light Up Your Reptile’s Life

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Reptiles Warm Our Hearts