Halloween Safety Tips

Candy, costumes and just the right amount of spooky surprises ­- there are many reasons to love Halloween. But as with children, it’s important to be mindful of your pets’ safety as you prepare for fright night.

Trick or treat tips

Dogs are notorious for being very excited by the ringing of the doorbell, while cats tend to run for cover. To avoid scary surprises, such as your pet bolting through the open door, or being spooked by a scary costume, create a safe zone and block off your front foyer with a gate. Make sure your pets are wearing identification and microchipped, just in case.

You can also set up your pet in a room far away from the doorbell with a comfy bed and a new toy or treat. For dogs who don’t like strangers, arrange a play date if your dog has a friend that lives in a neighbourhood less trafficked by trick-or-treaters. For scaredy cats and dogs that will become stressed by your spooky visitors, consider purchasing a pheromone diffuser or a calming supplement. It’s also a good idea to supervise your dog while he’s outside if your yard faces a street or sidewalk.

Your haunted house

When decorating your house, keep in mind that some of your trick-or-treaters will be canine. Use artificial candles in jack-o-lanterns that are displayed in low places.

Want to solidify your reputation as the dog mom of the neighbourhood? Make Halloween treat bags for the neighbourhood dogs! You can pick up biscuits in fun fall flavours like pumpkin at your local Paulmac’s Pets.

Happy Halloween haunting

If your dog loves the excitement of Halloween, bring him along as you trick or treat. A collar or leash with red LED lights will add a festive flair, and help cars spot you as your party navigates the streets after dark. Be sure to pack some treats (he’s bound to get a little jealous of all the treats the kids are getting) and clean-up baggies. With so much excitement, it’s good idea to walk your dog on a non-retractable leash. If it’s a chilly night, don’t forget to bundle up your pet too with a fashionable and warm sweater or coat.

You can dress up your dog too! Just be sure to purchase a costume designed for dogs; your pet should be able to sit, walk and trot without the costume getting in the way. Paulmac’s has some great costumes, so bring your dog along to try a few on.

Tricky treats

When the kids get home and dump out their candy haul, have them do it on the kitchen table or a put your dog in his crate. Chocolate can be dangerous if ingested by dogs or cats, and those wrappers can be harmful if swallowed by any pet. If your dog isn’t tired out after all that door-to-door fun, grab a glow-in-the-dark ball and head to the backyard for some fright night fetch.

Remember, a safe Halloween is a happy Halloween!

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