Spring Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

There’s nothing like the first signs of spring after a long, cold winter. It makes us want to throw the windows open and clear out the dust and clutter that accumulated while we were bunkering down against the cold.

If you share your life with a pet, don’t’ forget to make them part of your Spring clean up too!

Spring Spruce-Up

Spring is a great time to take your pet in for a groom. Many double-coated dogs or cats will begin a spring shed once the weather warms up, so taking them to the groomer is a great way to help get that dead coat off (and out of your house!). For longer-coated dog breeds it’s also a great time for a trim – spring means mud and a neat, matt-free coat will make clean up easier. Even if your pet is short-coated, a trip to one of our Self-Serve Dog Washes will make you both feel great and help keep your freshly cleaned house a little fresher.

Inside Your Home

Washing your pet’s soft toys and bedding should be a key part of your spring cleaning checklist. This is also a great time to deep clean your pet’s eating area and any food storage containers.

When using stain-removers or other highly concentrated cleaners in areas your pet has access too, it’s best to use one that is pet safe (or designed for pet related stains). We offer a variety of cleaning products designed for pet-friendly homes.

Help keep puddles and mud from being tracked into your home by keeping a towel by the door, or better yet one of the doormats or mitts we carry designed to help clean your pet’s paws in a snap.

Outside & The Yard

If you own a dog, you know the downside of the snow melting is all the dog poop that suddenly makes a reappearance. We recommend keeping this task easy and manageable by using pick-up tools. Pick up tools allow you to stay hands-off and are great for tackling the whole yard. Plus, did you know you can use poop as a digging deterrent? If there’s an area of the yard that you want your pet to stop digging up try burying the backlog of poop there.

The time when the snow is gone, but before the garden and greenery starts to grow is also a great time to check your fencing for any issues or holes that may have been caused by the ground shifting over the winter.